Automotive Scissor Lifts

Including extra-wide runways, two swing air jacks and best-in-class drive-on height!

RX Scissor lift

Hunter’s RX Scissor Lift is “a must” for service centers with high volume and limited workspace.

  • 10,000-, 12,000-, 14,000- and 16,000-lb. capacities
  • Clear access to front and rear
  • Optional PowerSlide® auto-lock system controls turnplates and
  • Optional Inflation Station sets tire pressure without umbersome hoses and gauges

4-Post Alignment

High-Capacity Open- and Closed-Front Alignment Lifts

  • Speed alignment service
  • FIA is automatic
  • Error proof your alignments
  • Extra-Wide Runways – 4-post
  • 18,000-lb. Capacity
  • Open-Front Available