Automotive Tire Changer

Providing high-performance service for the automotive industry.


Fully automatic and easy-to-use for today’s diverse assemblies.

  • Adds safety for both operator and assembly
  • Handles virtually all tires in the same time
  • Eliminates experience gap
  • Simplifies training


Service the most difficult performance tires and custom wheels with ease.

  • Leverless technology eliminates prying and bead stress
  • Minimizes risk of wheel damage and injury to operator
  • Easy operation for all wheel sizes, designs and fitments
  • Services 10- to 34-inch wheels


Exclusive features operate in unison to easily and safely change the toughest high-performance tires and wheels.

  • Center-clamp design
  • Services 10- to 28-inch wheels
  • TC3900 is leverless

TCX50 series

Power and speed make these tabletop tire changers suitable for
volume service of all tire and wheel combinations.
TCX56: Multi-press arm services 16 to 30-inch wheels, swing arm saves time and space.
TCX53: Multi-press arm services 10 to 26-inch wheels
TCX51: Single-press arm services 10 to 26-inch wheels
TCX50: Services 10- to 26-inch wheels