Heavy Duty Wheel Alignment

Heavy Duty customers can now diagnose tire wear conditions in 1/3 of the time. New technology from Hunter Engineering provides accurate, 3-axle wheel alignment readings in just 3 minutes.

Heavy Duty Quick Grip Clamps – optional

Fast installation & no metal-to-metal contact

Self-centering wheel clamps

This truck alignment equipment features standard wheel clamps that allow clamping of wheels 15-28″ in diameter. Optional mini clamps.

Truck Pusher

Easily move vehicle for rolling comp, rechargeable battery & doubles as a wheel chock.

Fully Integrated Alignment

Auto-locking turnplates & built-in turnplate bridges allow for rolling comp.

Featured Heavy Duty Video

Heavy Duty Wheel Alignment
Minimal setup time
Lightning fast adapter setup with fewer trips around the vehicle

Fast procedure
Only Hunter can capture readings in three minutes with no need to jack axles

Fast printouts
Easy to understand printouts with your logo help sell more work